Dr Ian Gauci Keynote on Blockchain at the Delta Summit

Dr Ian Gauci, partner at Afilexion Alliance and GTG Advocates, addressed the Delta Summit as a Keynote Speaker about blockchain, DLT, Smart Contracts, and disruptive technologies - all placed within a techno-legal background and the application of traditional legal principles within this new disruptive techno-economy.


Dr Ian Gauci on DLT and Malta's Regulatory Frameork

Dr Ian Gauci, Partner at Afilexion Alliance and GTG Advocates interviewed on Malta's DLT, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, ICOs, Virtual Financial Assets, Exchanges and Regulation

Reuben Portanier On the DLT & Online gaming Crossover

Reuben Portanier, Partner at Afilexion Alliance interviewed by Calvinayre.com on the cross over of blockchain and gaming at the World Gaming Executive Summit 2018.