Our Services Portfolio

Corporate Services

  • Administration Services
  • Company Incorporation
  • Tax Registration
  • Data Protection Registration
  • Application for Bank Accounts
  • Company Registered Office
  • Highly Qualified Persons Income Tax Scheme Applications

*The above services are provided by our sister firm, GTG Advocates

Licensing and Compliance

  • Gaming License Applications in the following jurisdictions: Malta, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Romania, Ireland, Bulgaria, Australia amongst others.
  • Fintech License Applications, including for eMoney and Online Money Remittance
  • Business Planning
  • Data Protection Compliance
  • Drafting of Terms and Conditions
  • Post Licensing Compliance
  • Anti Money Laundering Compliance 
  • Shared Conduct Agreements

*The above services are provided in conjunction with Avviza

Legal Services

Trademark and Patent Registration

Dispute Resolution

Media and Data Rights Agreements

Identifying, creating, protecting and enforcing Intellectual Property Rights

Employee Share Options Schemes

Commercial Agreements

Corporate Restructuring

Data Protection Law

Consumer Law‎ 



Virtual Financial Assets Law - Malta

DLT & Blockchain Regulation

eMoney Licensing

Payments Institution Licensing

Mergers and Aquisitions

  • Afilexion, through GTG, provides legal advice and assistance to a number of companies seeking to merge or acquire another company. We are able to assist and guide clients whether the activity qualifies as a ‘concentration’ under Maltese laws, and the thresholds that have to be met in order for a concentration to be notifiable to the DG.

  • We can assist and advise on the rules applicable to public takeover bids
  • Preparing the Draft Terms of Merger
  • We can assist and advise on Minority Rights
  • Disclosure Requirements
  • We can assist and advise on protection of employees, in line with the Transfer of Business (Protection of Employment) Regulations

Support Services

  • Back Office Accounting
  • Company statutory returns
  • Tax Returns
  • Gaming related statutory returns
  • Interim Executive Management Provision
  • Project Management Services

Corporate Governance

  • Company Secretarial Services
  • Search and Selection of Directors
  • Corporate Governance Framework Design
  • Drafting of Corporate Governance Documents
  • Board Governance Support Services

Consultancy Services

GDPR Compliance

Blockchain Advisory (legal)

Strategic Planning

Business Planning

Corporate Structures

Organisational Design

Executive Mentoring

Tailor made mentoring programmes for C-Level executives and Legal Officers

Policy Design

Design of Legal Frameworks, Regulations, Directives, Guidelines for Governments and Public Institutions