About Afilexion Alliance


When two leading firms join forces to offer unrivalled advisory solutions to its clients.

Afilexion was initially established as a joint venture project between Avviza Advisory and GTG Advocates in 2016, to service gaming clients they had in common.  Over time, the partners at GTG Advocates and the founder of Avviza Advisory, realised that whilst both firms were already amongst the leading mid-tier firms in their respective fields, however their expertise and experience, when combined together, created exponential value to their clients.  This gave birth to Afilexion Alliance, a partnership between Avviza Advisory and GTG Advocates, offering one of the most comprehensive advisory and support services portfolio for regulators and law makers, tech operators, telecoms, platform providers, affiliates, exchanges, and service providers to the IT, Telecoms, Media, Fintech, Gaming, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency sectors.

Afilexion's Founding Partners



Afilexion Alliance, brings together industry heavy weights and former regulators, together with a team of highly talented associates.  

Afilexion’s Partners leading the advisory and corporate services portfolios are: Mr Reuben Portanier, (former CEO of the Malta Gaming Authority, former Board Trustee of the International Association of Gaming Regulators, 2013 winner of the Gaming Intelligence Hot 50, 2018 Gaming Consultant of the Year, former gaming consultant to the EU Commission, Dr Ivan Gatt, one of Malta’s leading lawyers on commercial law, Dr Ian Gauci also Managing Partner at GTG Advocates, former policy and legal advisor of the Malta Communications Authority, and leading lawyer on Gaming Law, Data Protection Law, ICT and Telecommunications Law) and currently lead advisor to the Government of Malta on DLT Assets & Blockchain Regulation, Dr Robert Tufigno, (former Chairperson of the Malta Housing Authority, former Chairperson of the Employment and Training Corporation, and leading lawyer of employment and commercial law), and Mr Andrew Demanuele is a warranted accountant with experience in tax planning and financial planning.

Member Firms

Afilexion Alliance brings together leading small to mid-tier independent professional services firms in the fields of Gaming Advisory, Corporate Services, and Accounting as one international network of professional services firms. 

Legal Services are provided separately by Afilexion's sister firm, GTG Advocates. 

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